The VP Debate

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134 Responses to The VP Debate

  1. Dre says:

    <<<<walks in….”whaaaaaaaa upppppppppppppppp”

  2. mkey226 says:

    what’s hannnennnnnnninnnnnn (c) dem franchise boyz, lol

  3. Dre says:

    Yes I hope she dies and I hope she burns in hell

  4. Dre says:

    actually….low key….I would still beat if she lost….
    <<grabs pillow….come here boo….nooo, nooo keep those glasses on….lol

  5. mkey226 says:

    Damn, you on that Samuel L in Time to Kill? Sheesh…I actually feel sorry for her,but word is, she’s actually a good debater, so we’ll see

  6. Dre says:

    nah, I just love saying that shyt….but you know I love to watch em fail (c) Johhny Muthafuckin Mack

  7. mkey226 says:

    let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmmblllllllllllllllllllle

  8. mkey226 says:

    this shit feels like a damn super bowl

  9. mkey226 says:

    is it just me, or does gwen look like bookman from good time’s sister? lol

  10. Dre says:

    the moderator looks like she raised monkeys on farm back in the 60’s

  11. mkey226 says:

    welcome to the blogosphere, brotha draper

  12. mkey226 says:

    and the mvp of the brazilian rainforest goes to…..gwen eiffel (sp), lol

  13. Dre says:

    “can I call you Joe”

    Joe “u tryin to fugg”

  14. Dre says:

    amen to the shyt Drap

  15. mkey226 says:

    Putcha MILF shades on, lol

  16. mkey226 says:

    Is Palin really looking at her notes that hard so she knows what to say, or is she taking notes?

  17. Dre says:

    here this bitch goes talking about soccer moms and shyt….I cant

  18. Dre says:

    Joe Biden was a pimp in his past life….

  19. mkey226 says:

    she look stunned…like a nigga at a KKK rally, lol

  20. Dre says:

    she looks hella nervous….

  21. mkey226 says:

    Get her Joe!

  22. mkey226 says:

    Joe, with a mean left hook!

  23. Dre says:

    they already prepped her for that question joe

  24. mkey226 says:

    New energy like a 72 year old nigga, lol

  25. Dre says:

    John mccain came over on the pilmouth rock……

  26. mkey226 says:

    In a debate, aren’t you supposed to address your opponent at some point…Joe Six Pack? I don’t know him, I only know fat niggas, lol

  27. Dre says:

    Time did she still Obama’s swag….”Never again”….

    <<jockin my fresh, jockin,, jockin my fresh

  28. mkey226 says:

    Biden has the advantage because he knows McCain better than Palin does

  29. mkey226 says:

    Here she go on this hockey mom bullshit

  30. Dre says:

    this chick is reachinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn for them vaginas…lets ban together? O reallyyyyy

  31. mkey226 says:

    Joe with the uppercut, and mean right hook…take that, take that (c) Diddy, lol

  32. Dre says:

    she duckin & runnin

  33. Dre says:

    who cares what you did pretty lady….your not running for Pres

  34. mkey226 says:

    She never addressed McCain agreeing on the same bill she accused Obama of supporting

  35. Dre says:

    “shots fired”,……

  36. mkey226 says:

    This chic is an idiot…he just said tax breaks for the middle class, and then she goes to say that middle class citizens need tax breaks and a smaller government, lol

  37. Dre says:

    I love how the moderator is shoving Palin into the corner…..answer the question

  38. mkey226 says:

    Thank you Biden for going in on his bullshit healhcare plan, thank you

  39. Dre says:


  40. mkey226 says:

    Biden is a smooth ass dude man (no homo, lol)

  41. mkey226 says:

    This chic does not answer the questions

  42. Dre says:

    Biden is dope…..I really respect his demeanor….smooth criminal

  43. mkey226 says:

    what is she talking about?

  44. TFD says:

    I am not a fan of her “personality”…does she think that that will make me think highly of her? Will I be amused and tickled with her charm and forget that she doesn’t answer questions?

  45. Dre says:

    lmao @ Draper

  46. TFD says:

    Oh and very fabulous good evening gentlemen…Ms.Jackson is here.

  47. mkey226 says:

    Joey eased up on that ass a lil bit, so that females wouldn’t think he was going in too hard

  48. Dre says:

    Palin mines well have a POWERPOINT presentation on stage….they gave her the outline and shes like fuck it Im stickin to it

  49. tbailey says:

    Plain in 2012… she’ll get my vote if she let out that inner freak

  50. TFD says:

    Why would you need to suspend your campaign to handle the economic disaster? Please stop bringing that up…again, I’m not impressed.

  51. Dre says:

    I know who you are Red…

  52. mkey226 says:

    tbailey, wtf?

  53. Dre says:

    Hey, Hey Hey……thats my cousin calm down……

  54. mkey226 says:

    pimp down, pimp down…the republicans dun cut off my internet, i’m in and out, lol

  55. TFD says:

    “Uh, (that is not on my notes)…uh, that is not so…Uh…” – Palin

  56. Dre says:

    pimp down, pimp down…the republicans dun cut off my internet, i’m in and out, lol


  57. mkey226 says:

    lol…my bad, we anti-palin round here tho…TFD up in this biiiiiaaaaaa (i promised to omit the word bitch since we’re tryna be political)

  58. Dre says:

    who the fuck lives in Alaska

  59. mkey226 says:

    i swear, everytime the camera goes to gwen, i immediately think ‘buffalo butt’ (c) bookman, lol

  60. Dre says:

    Cuzz-ooo what up

  61. mkey226 says:

    climate change, ain’t this the same broad who doesn’t believe global warming is man made? lol

  62. TFD says:

    Correct. There’s a lady present…watch your mouths.

  63. Dre says:

    sorry Red….you know how we will…I love u but ur use to it….lets go…

    whats my fav word Byatchhhhhhhhhh (c) Short

  64. mkey226 says:

    i’m not sayin bitch, we gotta respect the ladies, plus, i usually only call women bitches cuz i don’t know their names (c) katt williams, lol

  65. Dre says:

    edit: you know how we roll

  66. Dre says:

    Listen I cant with this chick…..

  67. mkey226 says:

    i think bookman, i mean gwen is doing a good job of moderating

  68. Tigers says:

    Is Palin ever going to debate or answer the questions? This chic is crazy. She needs Biden to go first so she has time to think of a response to the questions.

  69. Dre says:

    life isnt fair (c) McMcain

  70. mkey226 says:

    i actually feel sorry for Palin…how can you be this dumb on the presidential stage? oh, i forgot, this broad has a community college degree, lol

  71. Dre says:

    Palin is going to start talking about hamburgers

  72. mkey226 says:

    but don’t Biden’s stuttering kinda remind you of Foghorn Leghorn? lol

  73. TFD says:

    “I have gay friends” – Palin

  74. Dre says:

    <<<eats a blueberry muffin

  75. TFD says:

    Foreign policy… here we go….

  76. mkey226 says:

    aww shit Palin, we cookin with hot grease, she agreed with a nigga, lol

  77. Dre says:

    whats your plan? The Surge is working, the surge is working

  78. Dre says:

    Palin—the plane, the plane, the plane

  79. TFD says:

    Palin did take a good stab just now, but Obama voted down that funding to troops because it didn’t include an exit strategy. Get it together Sarah-Lou.

  80. mkey226 says:

    when i get 66, i wanna be just like Biden…he is killing her softly, exactly what he needed to do to win this debate

  81. TFD says:

    Is Bin Laden in Iraq? Somebody let me know…

  82. mkey226 says:

    ummm, your plan is a white flag of surrender (checks notes), lol

  83. Dre says:

    I gotta learn how to deliver punches with a smile

  84. Dre says:

    what are we winning in Iraq….everyday I look in my mailbox no prize

  85. mkey226 says:

    how in the hell is that a plan then? if you’re gonna stay there until Iraq can govern itself, thats a neverending war!

  86. mkey226 says:

    I betcha palin is writing down…oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, lol

  87. Dre says:

    I betcha palin is writing down…oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, lol

  88. mkey226 says:

    can she not pronounce nuclear? or is that just me?

  89. Dre says:

    a stinkin corpse


  90. mkey226 says:

    i definitely agree, biden is in cruise control now

  91. Dre says:

    the moderator should just say fuck it…….what do yall think about BET canceling Rap city

  92. Dre says:

    nice move Joe…..damn it make her answer some questions

  93. TFD says:

    Is she going to bake him cookies?

  94. mkey226 says:


  95. mkey226 says:

    Seriously man…you not debating with another MILF, you debating with Joe Biden

  96. TFD says:

    Please don’t refer to this war that has costed hundreds of thousands of lives a BLUNDER. Don’t refer to the loss of jobs —

    “I haven’t heard anything yet.” – Biden
    Translation: “Chick say something of substance.”

  97. Dre says:


  98. mkey226 says:

    Is she doing a lil better than her interviews?

  99. Dre says:

    so we are building schools there but none in USA huh…

  100. mkey226 says:

    I really feel sorry for her, because its not her fault she’s on this stage looking like a fool, I can really see her getting flustered

  101. TFD says:

    Yeah she’s doing better than in her interviews. Silently, I think her interviews were all a crazy scheme to lower media expectations of her so that her “success” tonight isn’t true in form…merely relative to the tomfoolery she uttered last week.

  102. Dre says:


    Will this broad please answer a question…shes doing better than her interviews I guess….still no answers

  103. mkey226 says:

    i wonder what gwen’s husband thinks when he wakes up to that face? i’m thinkin its ‘damn, she still alive?’, lol

  104. Dre says:

    i wonder what gwen’s husband thinks when he wakes up to that face? i’m thinkin its ‘damn, she still alive?’, lol


  105. Dre says:

    if they interview her tomorrow she wont be able to tell you known of this

  106. mkey226 says:

    she is so hard to listen to because she is the most vague politician i can remember in my relatively short life, lol

  107. Dre says:

    this is her strategy…..talkin point, swipe, look at the camera……talkin point, swipe, look a the camera….

  108. Dre says:

    she is secretly textin Daddy McCain on the low

  109. TFD says:

    *blank stare*

  110. mkey226 says:

    this broad

  111. Dre says:

    dog gon it (c) Palin

  112. mkey226 says:

    i really cannot believe that someone can be this dumb…think jessica simpson meets the oval office

  113. Dre says:

    this bitch is really shooting it….

  114. mkey226 says:

    Biden strikes back with a blistering uppercut….down goes Palin, down goes Palin, lol

  115. Meezy says:

    Is she serious right now? She is actin like a straight up nigga… “My brother is the best school teacher ever, my Dad’s a great teacher too and he’s in the audience.” I was just waitin for her to bust out with…’And I wanna shout out my nigga pook pook thanks for watchin, you always had my back my nig.’

  116. Dre says:

    way to not answer the question sarah…wtf did she just say?

  117. Dre says:

    Is she serious right now? She is actin like a straight up nigga… “My brother is the best school teacher ever, my Dad’s a great teacher too and he’s in the audience.” I was just waitin for her to bust out with…’And I wanna shout out my nigga pook pook thanks for watchin, you always had my back my nig.

    LMAO, dies

  118. Dre says:

    somebody just tell Palin to put the powerpoint up I mean fuck….

  119. mkey226 says:

    dude, like how can she go on these rants,seriously, she is not addressing the question at all

  120. TFD says:

    WHAT IS HER ACHILLES HEEL?! Did I miss it?? In this 5 minute answer…did she answer the question at least…ONCE?

  121. mkey226 says:

    i’m dying to hear what the pundits have to say about her debate, hopefully they take a look at onthestoop, lol

  122. Dre says:

    Joe just murdered her….Me, McCain, and Obama–no mention of Palin….

    then topped it off with emotion

    he just gained thousands of vaginas

  123. mkey226 says:

    $5 says McCain old ass don’t make it to 2011, lol

  124. mkey226 says:

    I wish she woulda asked Palin this question first

  125. Dre says:

    a maverick he is not…lol

    Let Wolf try to take some of my punch lines…..Im going straight to Jack

  126. mkey226 says:

    “gained a thousand vaginas”….and i said, let me hold somethin, lol

  127. Meezy says:

    Palin’s use of the word ‘Maverick’ tally…. 3,748,929,838 and counting…

  128. Dre says:

    she makes Hillary look like MLK out this bitch

  129. mkey226 says:

    Biden did his thing with the closing speech

  130. mkey226 says:

    and biden says, hey palin, tell my how my ass tastes, lol

  131. Dre says:

    Biden really kept his calm

  132. TFD says:

    Alright guys… I’m out this joint! Night night!

  133. ms. cali says:

    4 the record, joe won some vaginas in cali for the voice crack and almost tears…
    Go joe! palin hell no!

  134. mkey226 says:

    however…joe responded, “I DON’T WANT NO PUSSY” (c) Lew Dix, lol

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