NFL Top 5

Sheesh what a wild weekend.  How ironic that the game I least expected to be right was the only one I would get (Browns/Bengals).  My brownies won, though ugly…very ugly…they won.  Everyone else I picked lost pretty close ones with the exception of the Falcons, but they still lost which puts my record at an embarrassing 5-10.  Hopefully this week will get better; if not then this season might just be a rebuilding year…lol. 



1. Washington at Philly

The ‘Skins proved they are for real this year after beating Dallas in Texas Stadium.  I just don’t think they can pull it off back to back weekends on the road.

-My Pick Philly 28-17


2. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

This one should be a hard hitting affair.  The Steelers are looking for revenge against the team that put them out of the playoffs last year.  The Jags are stronger than what their record indicates and I think they will get to Big Ben enough to take care of the Steelers.

            -My Pick Jags 21-13


3. Tennessee at Baltimore

The Titans are a surprising 4-0 so far but their road doesn’t get any easier as they travel to Baltimore to take on the surprising Ravens who are 1 overtime loss away from also being 4-0.  I look for the Ravens to punish the Titan’s running backs and force Kerry Collins to beat them.

            -My Pick Baltimore 20-14


4. Tampa at Denver

The Bucs are coming off an impressive victory over the Packers and their D seems to be returning to rare form.  The Broncos are coming off of an upset loss to the Cheifs last week and will be fired up coming into this one at Mile High.

            -My Pick Denver 21-17


5. New England at San Fran

The Pats are still looking to salvage their season coming off a bye and an embarrassing loss to Miami at home.  The 49ers look to prove why they are in consideration for the top spot in the NFC west.

            -My Pick ‘9ers 20-10


M. Key’s Picks

  1. Washington at Philly   Philly 
  2. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville   Jacksonville 
  3. Tennesee at Baltimore   Tennesee 
  4. New England at San Fran   San Fran 
  5. Tampa at Denver   Denver 

One Response to NFL Top 5

  1. grownmanp says:

    I mean I know the Philly shyt is hard, but keep in mind DC swept them last year. A banged up McNabb & Westbrook is not a good look, but we shall see…

    2. Pitt

    3. Tennessee

    4. Pats

    5. Bucs

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