OSU WINS!!!! USC Goes Down!!! (2 weeks too late..sigh)



Trojan down!!! 10-32!!! OSU wins!!! Wait…. Oregon State beat USC….wow.  Almost two weeks after USC put the beat down on my beloved Buckeyes, they are experiencing the agony of defeat.  The funny thing is that the game wasn’t even close in the 1st half with the Beavers went into the locker room up 21-0.  USC tried to fight back in the second half but came up short losing 27-21. I can’t lie to you, I went to bed in the 3rd quarter after SC’s second straight TD thinking “why stay up, they’re gonna come back and win” oh boy was I wrong.


Now comes my dilemma, on one hand I am happy to see them knocked off the #1 spot by such a causal team.  USC is also on the list of teams that I hate with all my heart and soul.  Some of these other teams include any SEC team, M*ch*g*n, the Celtics and Pistons just to name a few.  On the other hand, USC beat Ohio State 35-3 but in turn they lose to and Oregon State team that lost a close one to Stanford and then got blown out of the water by Penn State 45-7.  How do you explain that?  Can you say that PSU will beat the Buckeyes by 100 when they play next month or the Trojans by a similar amount if they play in a bowl?  Not exactly.  What can you say about it?  All I can say is, its college football, and I have a feeling that things are only gonna get crazier.  Just think about it in a ‘worst case scenario’…what if Georgia and Oklahoma, both playing ranked teams, both lose this weekend…then who’s #1?


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