NFL Top Five

 Dallas, Philly and Denver lived up to my victorious expectations last weekend as I went 3-2 last weekend, much better than the 1-4 record of the week before.  This brings my record almost back to .500 at 4-6.  Hopefully my Browns will actually win a game win I pick them and not continue to disappoint myself and their other 15 remaining fans in the country. 


1. Washington at Dallas

In a game between two teams in the toughest division in the NFL, the Cowboys look to continue their winning ways.  The ‘Skins want to show the rest of the NFC they can compete with the big boys.

            My Pick- Dallas 27-14


2. Philly at Chicago

The Bears are a lot better than their 1-2 record shows.  They lost a tough home game to Tampa last weekend are looking to rebound against the Eagles.  McNabb and Westbrook come into this game a little banged up and need to be protected by the O-line this week more than any other as the Bears D looks in 2005-2006 form. 

            My Pick- Philly 17-14


3. Atlanta at Carolina

The NFC South looks to be a lot tougher than many of the experts thought at the beginning of the season.  Both the Panthers and Falcons come in 2-1 and look to gain ground in their division.  Draft picks have made an immediate impact on both teams with Matt Ryan making Falcons fans forget all about Mr. Vick (sigh) and Jonathan Stewart adding a great compliment to former draft pick DeAngelo Williams.

            My Pick- Falcons 21-14


4. Green Bay at Tampa

The Packers are coming off a tough home loss to Dallas and Aaron Rodgers needs to prove that he is worth all the hype.  Tampa on the other hand is coming off of a tough road win in Chicago but will be missing their kicker Matt Bryan due to the death of his infant son.  That will be bigger than many think because he won the game for them in OT last week.

            My Pick- Packers 28-17


5. Cleveland at Cincinnati

Oh my where do I start with this one….well both teams are 0-3 coming into this one and both desperately need to turn it around the Browns have been the most disappointing team so far this season.  My eternal hate for the Bengals and their fans prevent me for feeling any sympathy for the I-71 sister team of the Browns.  This may be Derek Anderson’s last chance to show he can be a starter in this league.  So far he has been absolutely putrid.  Maybe he and Todd Boekman can start their own radio show when they both eventually end up out of football.  Chad Ocho Coono Jonhson (I mean seriously who wears gold fronts during a game?) and Braylon Edwards are both underperforming and need to step it up if they want either of their teams to be competitive this season.  This one may be a repeat of the initial battle of Ohio last season as the Browns won 51-45.   

            My Pick- Browns 14-10




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