New Label partnership & Timeout New York (40th anniversary) Interview


 Jay-z is getting ready to have a monopoly around here!

Story:  Live Nation has announced that Jay-z along with production duo Stargate have formed a new label by the name of StarRoc. StarRoc is the first partnership for Roc Nation, Jay-z’s venture with Live Nation and will be comprised of a music label and global publishing company. While disclosing why he chose Stargate, Jay revealed they have been a secret weapon for him over the past two years as they have scored 3 number one hits for Def Jam artists including Rihanna’s “Take A Bow”, “Unfaithful” and Ne-Yo’s “Closer”.

 Jay recently did an interview here are some excerpts:

Taking Hip Hop Back To New York
I mean, once you start something and other places adapt, everyone’s got to get their chance. Like, the West Coast was dominant in hip-hop for a while, then it came back to New York. Now, the South is dominant in hip-hop. It’ll come back to New York as well. What I love about it is it makes guys from New York hungry. Now they’re making music with the intention of, and I’m putting up quotes now, “taking hip-hop back for New York.”

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His Greatest Moment – Seeing Diana Ross perform in the rain as a teen
Yeah, I had hormones. I thought she was fantastic. Her hair was blowing. The rain was hitting her face, and her outfit was, well—It was working for me. And she really braved it out, still trying to go in a torrential rainstorm.

On Whether Kanye has earned a spot in The New York 40
He’s from Chicago, but he’s close. I don’t know if he’s had that one album that’s moved the entire culture, but he’s hit it three times in a row. He’ll be on every list one day.

On teaming up with Kanye for the Blueprint 3
Yeah, actually. We’re partners right now. Starsky and Hutch right now.

Are you introspective like that?
Jay-Z: I am introspective, and, well, there’s that 10 percent that just can’t be taught, but a lot of how I think about myself comes from how I grew up and how I can articulate my experiences without making it too much like, “Everything is great!” or “I’m Superguy!” A vulnerability in the music and a toughness of “I will not lose”—that combination resonates with people.

You’re the only rapper on this list. We were considering Nas but have this 13-year rule: People on this list had to have had an impact in the last 13 years. And Illmatic was 1994. Should we have included him?
Jay-Z: Ah, wow! [Laughs] That’s a tough question. [Pauses] Yeah, only because of the impact of that album, when it’s considered one of the best albums ever created, you have to document that.


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