Aye, Aye, We Finna Get Paid

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1.) smh@ massa trying to talk shyt to kids for sagging…GTFO

2.) lmao@ dude yelling like they just hit the lottery. They cleared boys for dumping 50 shots. Only thing colored is promised is a cell.

*drum roll* and so the story goes:

An Aiken County Sheriff’s Office deputy has been fired and charged with attacking a teenager this WEEKEND and jailing him on trumped-up charges.

Jeffrey S. Nation, 40 is charged with assault and battery and misconduct in office, said Lt. Michael Frank, an Aiken County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

On Sunday, the deputy arrested Lorenzo WILLIAMS Jr., 18, of Richmond Circle in New Ellenton, claiming the 18-year-old tried to head butt him when he stopped him walking in the area of GREEN and Jackson streets.

Williams never tried to head butt the deputy, Frank said. The incident was captured on police video and there was no such attempted attack, he added.

Williams was with a few other teens when the deputy told him to pull up his sagging pants. Rather than doing that, Williams pulled his shirt down to cover his exposed underwear, Frank said.

“At that point, Nation stopped the car and got out and asked the man for his ID,” he added.

Williams was standing at the hood of the patrol car during the interview on the
side of the road when the deputy struck Williams in the throat, Frank said.


It was unprovoked, he added

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2 Responses to Aye, Aye, We Finna Get Paid

  1. WOW!!! You know I am at a total lost for words!!! When this whole sagging law started here in Georgia, it really throw people for a loop. I don’t think that we as African American people really took the time out to think how hurtful this is to our community. Yes it is a disgrace to see our young men wear their pants damn near down to their ankles, but instead of finding an alternate way to discipline them sending them to jail is a much better option I guess. This is just another way to start putting a black men in the system ASAP. Never giving them a chance nor hope for anything better. I really hate that this happened but glad that it did so someone can stand up to this foolish law. Just another form of racial profiling to the fullest!! But one thing that I wish that the young man would have done once he was assaulted was not say one word and let his lawyer do all the talking for him. Yeah that county is getting sewed big time.

    Shanara Renee’
    Atlanta, GA

  2. t.polite says:

    A US judge in FL just ruled this law unconstitutional (which it is) so hopefully public defenders (which we know is who will prob be defending the offenders) will have the sense to reference that to get this mess off the books.

    In other news, keep your damn pants on your ass.

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