Were The Buckeyes Ready? Nope….update: FUCK NO

So…..after about 5-6 days to calm myself down at the horrific dismantling of my alma mater on national television…again… I am able to discern 2 things from that game.


#1- OSU needs a new defensive coordinator ASAP!!!  Like now, not now, but RIGHT now.  The Buckeyes have lost 4 games (UF, Ill, LSU, USC) in the past 3 years and they have all been to the same type of team that runs the same type of offense and somehow the men in the booth on D for the Bucks seem to have no answer for it.  It’s really beginning to get embarrassing and if it keeps happening it will hurt recruiting in the long run.


#2- OSU needs to make a decision at QB.  Sorry Senator Tressel, Boekman is not the guy.  Alternating them isn’t going to work either, and you should know that.  Remember the Texas game in ’05?


These to things need to be done in a hurry; we’re only in week 4 and haven’t even gotten into league play.  But I have a feeling that both PSU and Wisc will be a lot tougher games than most imagined coming into the season.



3 Responses to Were The Buckeyes Ready? Nope….update: FUCK NO

  1. t.polite says:

    Boekman should have been told to sit down.

    that is all.

    oh, i’m glad you DIDN’T put a prediction up…lmao…

  2. reddoggydog says:

    Very very true…. I havent seen a white mans eyes get that big since Krenzel when he went against that Miami rush… the only difference…Krenzel was tougher and won his games

  3. reddoggydog says:

    I mean the picture just sums up the night so well, you know its bad when you look a photo galleries of the game and you cant find one…(not friggin one)…positive picture for OSU…

    Im glad I didnt predict it either, my bias wouldve made me pick OSU, but my football mind wouldve said it could get ugly….my football mind…once again…was right…lol

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