CFB Top 5 Games This Week

Ok, so my first week wasn’t bad, 2-2.  Kansas couldn’t finish their game off and I think UCLA may have sent their basketball team out to BYU instead of their football team…but anyway here are my top 5 games of the week:


1) LSU at Auburn


Somehow the self-proclaimed almighty SEC has managed to claim half of the top 10 and this early game can be a deciding factor in who wins the SEC West to play Florida or Georgia in the conference championship.   I think LSU’s QB gets exposed, their D keeps them in it for a while, but Auburn will pull it out at home


My pick:  Auburn 14-10


2) Georgia at Arizona State


If ASU wouldn’t have choked in their game last weekend this game might have been number one on the list, but they did.  They have a chance to make a statement and prove that they can give USC a run for their money in the Pac-10.  The one burning question is can they stop Knowshon (what a name huh?)?  I don’t think they can.


My Pick: UGA 27-17


3) Wake Forest at Florida State


Florida State has a chance to make a statement and prove to the country that they are back and ready to contend for the ACC and the Demon Deacons are their first hurdle.  I don’t think the can handle that offense for 4 quarters


My Pick: Wake 28-17


4) WVU at Colorado


This game may be a little trickier than it looks on paper.  WVU’s speed should dominate this game, but Coach Dan ‘Its Division 1 Football!!’ Hawkins is known to take teams down when they come to Boulder (see 2007 vs. OU).  This will be a close one. 


My Pick: WVU 28-21


5) Boise St. at Oregon


The Broncos are falling back to WAC football reality a few years after their monumental upset in the Fiesta Bowl in ’06.  Since then they’ve been no more than mediocre.  This week they have the Ducks in Eugene.  I think the Ducks spread em out and run all day.


My Pick: Oregon 35-14



One Response to CFB Top 5 Games This Week

  1. reddoggydog says:

    already down 0-1 thanks to West Virginia under-achieving again…..

    Thanks Coach Hawkins for proving once again why we play the games, I mean “ITS DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL!!!!!!”

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